– Womens Football – take care

With Womens AFL now gaining a foothold within the Australia and teams are scheduled into competitions with premiers, best and fairest awards etc. it is important that those making the decisions put some thought into whom they name the respective competitions’ medals after.

As we said in our last article, many hard working people go through their football career without hardly any recognition and their contribution to the world of football disappears just as quickly as they do.

Traditionally league best and fairest awards have normally been named after administrators who demonstrated a considerable commitment to the game in their area.

But what of Womens competitions?  For the most part men have been have been conducting various competition even those that have more recently morphed into Womens leagues.

Some of these have named their medals after a female who may have had little or no impact on their competition but her name was selected just because she was the ‘flavour of the month’ and those many women who may have worked tirelessly for their club or league over the years, regardless in what role, were simply overlooked.  is this fair?

OK, many may have been club secretaries, treasurers or even canteen managers and/or timekeepers;  they all deserve consideration before this important decisions is made.  We have heard of some leagues asking for suggestions to the names of the new awards.

This article though is simply a message to our football administrators to be careful, objective and open minded when choosing a name for the medal in their Womens competitions.

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