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Historical Material held in the Society’s Collections

The Society is developing a substantial collection of historical material relating to Australian Football in New South Wales and particularly in Sydney.

This includes a large number of photographs and other images, football publications, league and club records of various sorts, playing and club uniforms, trophies, pennants and flags as well as a small amount of film material.

The Society’s volunteers are gradually accessioning (recording) and cataloguing these items. This is a very large undertaking and is still in its early stages. Most of the collection remains to be catalogued. Nevertheless, the Society feels it is useful , and in keeping with its aims, to make as much of the collection as possible available through this website.

Please note that not all material in the collection is available yet. However as more and more of the collection is recorded and copied it will be made available here and you should expect new material to be published on this site regularly.

Historical Material available online

Historical material currently available online is listed below under the following headings:
Photographs, Annual Reports, Football Records, Newsletters, Trophies, uniforms and other historical objects,
Minutes, Other NSW football publications and material


Photographs from the collection available online can be accessed through the Gallery Page.

Annual reports

Football Records


Trophies, Uniforms and other historical objects


Other NSW Football Publications and Material

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