– The Lost Central West Australian Rules FA

In April 1933 a report was made on the situation in the Central West Australian Rules Football Association.

Not many are aware that Australian Football was played in the area well before the 1982 establishment of the Central West Australian Football League.

The first Association was formed in 1929 with four teams: Parkes, Forbes, Tullamore and Gunningbland. The following year Tullamore dropped out on account of the great distance. The Wongalea Club took its place.

In 1931 Parkes and Forbes clubs were disbanded, because, they maintained, they had insufficient funds to continue.

In 1930 the Yarranvale Club was formed, but by 1932 they had difficulty in getting a full team. So that at the close of that year Gunningbland and Wongalea were the only teams affiliated with the Association.

Strange enough.  You try and find Gunningbland and Wongalea on the map, let alone Yarranvale.  Many of these places were districts or communities of which nothing remains.  Some were also stations and the teams made up of workers and shearers.

The executive of the association took the opportunity of placing this information before “those interested in Australian’s own national game so that they may be encouraged to

organise and support the formation of teams in their own district.” (it didn’t happen)

As the season opened Parkes and Tullamore had joined the Association playing for the Provan Cup.  Prior to this competition was for the (S.E.) Warran Cup.

Previous teams in the competition included Condobolin and Trundle in the association’s five year history.

In the 1920s a competition of sorts was also played in the area which included, amongst others, teams from Bogan Gate, Mercadool, Gunning Gap and Victoria Park.

Like those previously mentioned, games were played at these venues where, absolutely nothing exists!

The image shows the locality of the latter clubs apart from Gunningbland.

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