The Formation of the Newtown Club

    C.J.A Powditch

Amongst the files and records from what is now regarded as the “Stan Powditch Collection” is a handwritten letter from his father, Charles James Augstus Powditch about the formation of the Newtown Club in 1903.

Charles Powditch, a boot maker, was born in Melbourne in 1867 and moved to Sydney at about the turn of the century.

He and his family took up residence in a single storey semi detached house at 16 Francis Street Enmore and later teamed up with Jim Phelan, Jack Keogh and J.P. Buckley (in particular) to form the new club although strangely he was not elected onto the committee.

It was not until 1907 that C.J Powditch took a role on the executive of the club, as treasurer.  A job he continued with until the end of the 1910 season.

In 1932 Powditch wrote a letter (left) to his son, Stan, providing a brief account of the formation of the Newtown Club.

Stan re-wrote the letter (right) to provide a more legible view of the proceedings which we provide for your information.  This might make it easier to read his father’s hand writing. Below is a short article from The Daily Telegraph of 21 March 1903 reporting on the formation of the club.  The suggested attendance etc. outlined here differs markedly from Charlie’s version of the meeting.

Newspaper Report on the formation of the Newtown AFC


Charles Powditch died at Hurstville, aged 65, in 1933.


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