Liverpool Football Club – 1957

An accidental scan of newspapers through TROVE, found an article from the Liverpool Football Club in 1957. In fact it is an abridged version of the club’s annual report and makes interesting (but lengthy) reading and identifies some fascinating historical facts concerning the club:

Liverpool Aussie Rules Football Club


Following are highlights from the reports presented by officers at the annual meeting of Liverpool Australian Football Club in its tenth annual report and financial statement of the ‘Liverpool Australian National Football Club’:

I am deeply conscious of the privilege, and when you have examined it in detail I feel sure you will agree that it reflects considerable credit upon all who made possible the successful passing of our seventh season in major football.

The season 1957 started off by many members spending their week-ends doing a grand job in painting our clubhouse, which was a great credit to them. To those members, on behalf of your Committee I convey many thanks for a job well done.

An asset to our Club was the purchase of a canteen shed, which proved worthy of the Ladies’ Committee. It is hoped the season 1958 will commence with everything the club desires.

Your delegates — J Wilkinson C. Gallagher and K. C. Wilcoxon, (a vice-president of the N.S.W. League) did a grand job throughout the 1957 season and off season. Your delegates attended every meeting — a 100 per cent record. Training — Season 1957 saw a great roll up at training and Jack Armstrong (coach) was in attendance at all times. The lighting was much better than 1956. Trainer W. Desmond did a grand job in looking after all players ; his services on and off the ground were above expectations and your committee and members convey many thanks. Donors. — To these gentlemen we extend our sincere thanks and appreciation for their continued support of the club funds.

First Grade. — This team, coached by Jack Armstrong, gave their best ever and were unlucky in not making the final four. Reserve Grade.— This young side, capably handled by their captain, V. Ansell, all played well throughout the season and managed to play themselves into the four This team is the first the Liverpool Club has had in the finals.

Liverpool once again won the Phelan Medal Trophy, Col Waller being the winner. Congratulations to Col on a wonderful achievement. This Trophy has been won by a player of the Liverpooi Club on four occasions. Another award was won by the Liverpool Club, “The Club Championship”. Many thanks must go to the junior organiser, Mr. C. Gallagher, his officials and the junior teams under his command, also the Reserve Grade for gaining our club many points which no doubt won this award.

The presentation evening was held again at Liverpool Golf Club, on September 13, 1957. It was a great success, many players, supporters and prominent personnel being present. TROPHY WINNERS AND DONORS First Grade: Best and fairest (Wilson Rogers Trophy), Col Waller: most consistent (C. Williamson), J. Sutherland; most improved (R. Caterson), K. Heales; best utility (R. Dunbier), J. Armstrong.

Reserve Grade: Best and Fairest (W. Bryce), V. Ansell; most consistent (S. Green), R. Wells; most Improved (W. G. Smith), K. Nolan; best utility (K. O’Brien), N. Bryce. The N. J. Mannix Trophy Shield, for the best team in the Club, was won by the Reserve Grade. captained by Vern Ansell. This team improved to finish In third place in the competition.

The N. J. Mannix Trophy for the best in attendance at training during 1957 season was by R. Butler, who missed only one night. D. McLeod’s Trophy for the most outstanding clubman for 1957 was won by R. West, who did a grand job in looking after the club’s finances.

Club Trophy — A trophy was presented to W. Desmond for the grand work he did in looking after the players on and off the field. Very nice wall pictures were presented to members of the Ladies’ Committee by President Ald. Leo Sullivan. Before concluding, I should like to pay tribute to our President, Mr. L. Sullivan, who continues to render sterling support. Finally. I desire to thank all those who have helped us in any way and I am thankful also for the co-operation I have received from all members and others, who made it possible to present the tenth annual report for your approval and if any item of service has been overlooked, it is regretted.
K. C. WILCOXON. Hon. Sec.

In the foregoing pages, our Secretary has given us further proof of his efficiency as such, and on behalf of mine and the members I congratulate him on such a splendid effort. Our Liverpool .and Southern Districts Junior Association, under the direction of the organiser, Mr. C. Gallagher and his officials, did a grand job in 1957. I feel I must pay great tribute to Mr. R. West, Treasurer, for his fine financial statement, also the Ladies’ Social Committee on their fine effort. Rosedale Park proved a great success during our second year playing on it and 1958 will find it better than ever. I wish to bring under your notice the fine work of the Junior Association and both Grades did in winning for your Club “The Championship for all Clubs.” The 1958 season for us should be good and I feel with every confidence that Liverpool will continue to improve to bigger and better things.
L. SULLIVAN, President.

During the past seasons the junior progress has been a steady climb. With the schools and the District Association there are over 700 boys playing Australian Football. The Association embraces the district from Bankstown, Villawood, Fairfield, Cabramatta, Liverpool and Campbelltown — an area of 30 square miles. An achievement for this Code was the introduction to Campbelltown, which proved a great success. We appreciate all the help received to foster our juniors. This year we had visits from Hawthorn Junior Club, Victoria and Windsor Club, Queensland, and we extend many, thanks those who looked after the visiting lads.
C. GALLAGHER, Junior Org.

It is with pleasure that I present the financial statement of the senior club for 1957 season. Progress financially and in all other aspects during the year has been most successful, and I would like to thank all club members and the committee for their co-operation during the season. The ladies of the Social Club must be congratulated on their untiring effort and also for an excellent financial statement.
R. WEST, Hon. Treasurer.”

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