– 1920 Minutes of NSW Football League Meetings

Minute Book
Minute Book

We have been able to located the minutes of the 1920 NSW AFL Annual General Meeting, written in the hand of the secretary, Jim Phelan.  This is the same Jim Phelan after whom the Sydney league’s B & F Medal was named and who is revered in football within the city.

Also, from page 7 are the minutes of the adjourned AGM.  We can only speculate that the first meeting went overtime and the additional business was concluded at the subsequent meeting of the league.

In this document you can read in particular about:

*  The amusement tax bond
*  The Lithgow Club
*  The reformation of the South Sydney Club

and in the adjourned minutes:

*  The Railways Club
*  The availability of Hampden Oval (Trumper Park) for school games
*  The Narrandera Club
*  The Barrier Ranges Association (Broken Hill Football League)
*  Norther Districts League (Newcastle)
*  A letter to Syd Sherrin asking him to send the league two dozen footballs
*  Umpires’ Fees
*  Admission charges to games
and more

This unique document is from one of the sole remaining minute books, 1919-20, of the league which still exist.  Many records, minute books, photographs and other material from the Sydney competition have been tossed however the History Society is slowly attempting to gather what remaining remnants from the competition can be located.

If you know or are aware of the location of any material, regardless of age, which may be of some interest to the the history of the game in Sydney or indeed, NSW, please take the time to contact us.  This will enable us to arrange for it’s rescue and care with a good likelihood of it being exhibited to the public.

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1920 NSW AFL AGM Minutes
1920 Adjourned AGM Minutes