Pleasant Christmas Function

A number of members took advantage of attending the Society’s Christmas party at the Magpie Sports Club yesterday.  They were joined by Simon Wilson and Jonathan Drennan from AFLNSWACT.

One of the attendees was former umpire, Jim McSweeney who at 84 officiated in his final match this year in a Masters Carnival.  There were several other former umpires at the function including Chris Huon and Bill Allen.

A number of other members gave their apologies however they missed a great function where the atmosphere was keen and a number of old football stories were told.

Members will be pleased to know that this year’s journal, Time On, is currently being prepared and will be posted out prior to Christmas.  The issue includes many interesting stories of former happenings in the sport over the past 130 or so seasons and is a great read.


– Visit by AFLNSWACT

On Tuesday this week two high level employees from the AFLNSWACT made a visit to the History Society offices at Croydon Park; they were Simon Wilson, Regional Manager, Sydney Harbour and Illawarra and Jonathan Drennan, State Manager, Media & Communications.

Both spoke at length about recent developments and changes with the league and the goals the organisation has within the foreseeable future.  The duo also showed a great deal of interest in the operation of the Society and were at pains to demonstrate their appreciation and admiration they and the staff at the league has for the work the History Society have undertaken.

Jonathan told those on the committee who were in attendance that the work the Society undertakes in the recording of history of the game in NSW is more than likely unique in Australia.  He also said other major sports were beginning to realise the importance of their history with a number establishing fulltime archival departments within their organisations.

Simon confirmed that a memorandum of understanding between the league and the society will be drawn up so that the relationship and responsibilities are more easily identified and lines of communication firmly established.

Image shows from left: Jonothan Drennan, Society President, Ian Granland and Simon Wilson

St George Celebrate

2013 St George Building Opening smallerSome officials of the Society were guests of the St George Club yesterday at the official opening of additions to their Peakhust Clubrooms.  Our photo is taken later in the day and we apologise for the poor quality.

The development of the ground and facilities have come a long way since 1965 when they moved their base from Hurstville Oval to their present site.

The additions include gymnasium and other facilities as well as an upgrade to the ground.

Amongst the one hundred or so invitees were a number of former club players including some of the club’s Phelan Medal Winners: Noel Reading (1965), Dale Dalton (1977), David West (1991), Tony Quinn (1993) and Simon Wilson (1997).

Here we have a photograph of Noel Reading taken yesterday, one of him receiving his medal  and a further photo action photo of Noel taken in 1966 at Trumper Park in a finals match against Wests.

2013 Noel Reading small 1965 Noel Reading receiving his medal 1965 Grand Final John Godwin (W) & Noel Reading (StG) small