History Society Plays a Big Part in Selection of NSW Aust Football Hall of Fame

        Sam Graham

The Danihers, Quades, Carrolls, Sandralls, Priests, Deans, Walkers, Frees and Hedgers – grandfathers, fathers, sons, brothers, cousins along with hundreds of others that are a part of the football family in NSW since 1880 that will come into consideration for the recently announced AFL NSW Hall of Fame.

The first ever New South Wales Australian Football Hall of Fame event will take place in 2020 to celebrate 140 years of Australian Football being played in the state, with it envisaged that 140 people will be inducted into the Hall of Fame at the first inauguration.

This follows the recent announcement of the NSW Greatest Team at the Carbine Club in Sydney on 9 May.

The AFL’s purpose is to “progress the game, so everyone can share in its heritage and possibilities” according to AFL NSW/ACT CEO, Sam Graham. “Creating this first Hall of Fame opportunity will celebrate the enormous contribution of players, umpires, coaches and administrators from New South Wales to the game of Australian Football” Graham added.

NSW AFL History Society president, Ian Granland, OAM said, “The Hall of Fame will celebrate the rich heritage of Australian Football through NSW. We are delighted to be involved and to be able to contribute to the selection of this magnificent project”.

“Our hard-working committee members continue to build the database of players, umpires, officials and supporting documents that have played such a key role in the game over the last 140 years. It’s an invaluable resource that will provide the evidence for selection”.

Rod Gillett
Dr Rod Gillett

Granland will be joined on the AFL NSW Hall of Fame selection panel by History Society vice-president Dr Rodney Gillett. Both of whom were consultants for the recently announced NSW Greatest Team.

The selection committee has been formed to ensure that the whole spectrum of Australian Football is represented from people across the state of New South Wales.

Selection Committee

1. Sam Graham – Chair (CEO, AFL NSW/ ACT)

2. Sam Chadwick (State Manager, AFL NSW/ ACT)

3. Ian Granland (President, NSW Australian Football History Society and former Black Diamond AFL founder and president)

4. Rodney Gillett (Former President AFL NSW and NSW Country AFL and vice-president of NSW Australian Football History Society)

5. Christine Burrows (Head Umpires Coach – AFL Hunter Central Coast, Umpire representative and Northern New South Wales representative)

6. Yvette Andrews (established Sydney Women’s AFL, Inner West Magpies Vice President and Sydney representative)

7. Greg Verdon (Former chairman of the Murrumbidgee Valley Australia Football Association, former Chairman of the Southern Regional AFL Board, former President of Farrer FL and Southern New South Wales representative)