You will be pleased to see that this site is back on line after nearly 10 weeks of problems.

It all started when the site’s Security Certificate expired and was not renewed.  If you look at the URL on the top line you will see https:// etc.  The ‘S’ (for security) is what was missing.

Initially we had no idea of what happened but gradually pieced together the issue.  We were told by a firm in London that because we had no permanent address and no phone number (the land line was only used for the internet at our Croydon Park Offices and it was found cheaper and faster to use a SIM card) we needed a letter from a solicitor or accountant to verify our existence and authenticity.  We did all this but nothing happened.

We had changed internet hosts late last year and the mix up was involved with that although the present host said we would have been notified of the expiry and the need to renew.  We couldn’t find the communication.

Anyhow today we contacted our present hosting company who, upon payment of $198.00, immediately issued a security certificate for two years.

Our programmer, Ryan Viotiskis, has been working all day to fix the broken links in the site, of which many people have complained over the past few weeks.  The only thing now is that the site doesn’t work too well in the web browser, Firefox which Ryan is currently working on.

You can always use a different browser if you are having getting about the site.

If you find a broken link or a link that does not bring up what you want, please let us know and we will fix it.

We still have a lot of catching up to do with new data on the site and will be loaded over the next few days.

We hope everyone of our regular readers are happy with this news, because I know we are.

A newsletter went out to members late last week and in it we announced the Society’s Annual Christmas Party at Magpie Sports, Croydon Park on Tuesday, 11 December commencing at 12 noon.  If you are in the vicinity, drop it and see us and join the frivolity.

Its good to be back.