– A New Sydney Club In 1894

Times for the game in the mid 1890s were getting pretty hard because of a number of reasons.

By the end of 1894 the game would cease to be played in the state’s capital and Newcastle for a period of nine years however some were more optimistic as this report from the June edition from the Australian Town and Country Journal reports:

“Those who play the Australian game in Sydney are taking active steps to popularise their game here, but I am of opinion that the authorities will have an up-hill battle to win the fight. However, I am informed that some of the leading clubs are having their ranks filled by good players from the other colonies, and it may be that if the public have an opportunity of seeing tho game played as it should be played it may be accorded considerable support.

So many good members have recently joined the Redfern Club (later South Sydney), that it has been decided to form another club out of it, to be called the Darlington Club.

In spite of tho protest of the New South Wales Rugby Union, a match under these rules was played on tho Sydney Cricket Ground on Saturday, between the Redfern and East Sydney Clubs. The ground was very slippery, and consequently the exhibition was not as good as it otherwise would have been. The game, however, was very fast and open, and some of the players displayed considerable knowledge of the game.

The match resulted in a win for the Redfernites by 2 goals 5 behinds to 9 behinds. Teams representing the Sydney and West Sydney Clubs also played under these rules on Moore Park, the result being a win for tho former by 3 goals 3 behinds to 2 behinds.”