Step by Step

Our Website designer, Mike Gerlyand is taking this part of migrating the old site to the new very steadily.

“I don’t want to make any mistakes in this process” he said.  “We are almost there but something are proving a bit more challenging than I first thought.”

“On the other hand some of the stuff went over a lot easier than I anticipated.  We have to fix a few of the images up but we are well on the way to making this a great site for the Football History Society.

Minor changes will take place tomorrow while more major alterations will be installed on the weekend including the links on the navigation bar.  Some work and some don’t but this will be fixed shortly.

In the meantime work will shortly commence on extending the land line at Wests Club to the Society rooms tomorrow with a new ISP contracted today.  Unfortunately they said it will take between 10-20 days before the new ISP system will take effect.  This will not mean any significant difference to the way people view the sight in the short term.

The Countdown is On …. 5 – 4 – 4 – 2 – 1

It is only a matter of hours now before the Society’s new website will go live.

Following discussions with the website designer, Mike Gerlyand pictured, it has been decided to go live with the  new site tomorrow night (Thurs. 14 April)

Mike now has finalised enough on the new version to upload it as a workable site. He said he will work on the finer details in the next few days.

Some of the unique features will be modified including Gus’ Question and perhaps Image of the Week.

Officials are working on a regular quiz to replace G.Q. and a series of new images that will compliment the site.

Mike has said he is keen to get the site off the ground and now with the adoption of the new logo it appears to be full steam ahead.

All this will dovetail into a much better system for the Society with the installation of a dedicated land line to their rooms at Wests which will provide an enormous amount of flexibility for internet access and the uploading of material.Mike Gerlyand

Currently they operate on a wi-fi sim card which is not only expensive but restricts the amount of data that can be up and downloaded, depending on their willingness to buy more time.

The line has very recently been installed with technicians to be engaged shortly to run it to the rooms which are situated on the first floor at the back of the club.  In addition to this they will source an ISP which will better provide to the needs of the Society.

The treasurer, John Addison, has already come up with a method which will allow remote access to the data on the systems server at Wests after the line is mounted and connected.  Any work undertaken at the workers homes can then be directly uploaded to the storage facility at the club.