Society Records a Successful Annual General Meeting

The Football History Society held their annual meeting at Magpie Sports Club on Tuesday this week before an appreciable attendance.

A comprehensive annual report was tabled, copies of which for the first time were emailed to members – see attached issue.

Several subject were expanded on in the annual report, a copy of which is attached to this article.

The treasurer, John Addison, tabled a detailed financial report which showed a deficit for the 12 month period 1 January – 31 December 2021 of just over $500 however the organisation still maintained a healthy $12,000 balance in funds, much of which has already been identified for the purchase of significant historical items to further advance assets of the Society.

Long term member and former umpire, Jim McSweeney, took the chair as returning officer where the following were the following were re-elected:

President Ian Granland Committee
Ian Wright
Vice President Rod Gillett Terry Radecki
Secretary Paul Macpherson Heather White
Treasurer John Addison Michael Livingstone

Mr McSweeney then handed the meeting back to the chairman who then addressed the next item of business which was a nomination of Jenny Hancock for Life Membership.  Members voted overwhelmingly in favour of the motion which brings Jenny to our first life member.

The issue of a change to the constitution with regards membership renewable was put and carried by the membership.  The installation of an automatic memberships programme to our website brought on these changes which really just relate to the dates renewing members are subject to.

Jenny Hancock
 Jenny Hancock

Secretary, Paul Macpherson, gave voice to the pending annual journal which this year will be a 90 page documented published by a professional printery.  The issue this year in particular, centres on the the game’s relationship with the Sydney Cricket Ground which celebrated 140 years last year.  Paul also said the Society is investigating the installation of a plaque commemorating the event to be erected in an appropriate position at the ground.

Jim McSweeney also presented the Society with a 40 page document of his football career which extends over a 60 year period.  The Society will move to publish this which will provide great reading for football fans.

Society member, Nick Miller, president of the Inner West Magpies Football Club (formerly Western Suburbs Aussie Rules Club) extended an invitation to members of the Society to attend their annual ANZAC Day match at Picken Oval which will again be played against the Pennant Hills Club.  He told the meeting that there will be several significant events on the day and all a looking forward to a great day.





Society Members Return To Office Work

With the lifting of the lockdown in Greater Sydney, Society officials were permitted back into their rooms at Magpie Sports, Croydon Park.

The group only attends the location once per week and there is always detail and material to deal with.

Here treasurer, John Addison is working on the books to present to a committee meeting next Tuesday while data entry committeeperson, Heather White was caught revising some of the many photographs on the Society’s website.

As time moves forward and people are permitted greater freedom in their activities there will be more joining the group at Magpie Sports of a Tuesday.

As an addendum to the Society’s auction purchase of the two 80 year old Phelan Medals last week, a number of the committee have signified their intention to subscribe towards the costs incurred in the acquisition.

Great Turnout at AGM

                   A portion of those who attended the AGM
                               with covid precaution seating
                                            being applied

The Football History Society celebrated its 2021 annual general meeting with a great turnout at the Magpie Sports Club, Croydon Park today.

The annual report provided an depth look at the Society’s activities during 2020 and the reports therein were very well received.

Treasurer, John Addison declared a balance in excess of $10,000 in the bank despite an expenditure of $7,335, this amount mostly attributed towards website upgrades and new programmes and systems.

Those on the committee who stood for re-election were rewarded for their efforts whilst two new members, Terry Radecki and Michael Livingstone gained seats as committee persons.

The executive and committee for 2021 will consist of:

President Ian Granland
Vice President Dr Rod Gillett
Secretary Paul Macpherson
Treasurer John Addison
Committee Persons Mandy Keevil, Ian Wright, Heather White, Terry Radecki, Michael Livingstone

Click here to read the annual report.

Society’s AGM – Most re-elected

 Ian Granland

Fearing CV19’s growing restrictions might interfere with the holding of the Society’s Annual General Meeting, officials were quick to get that and the Special General Meeting finalised yesterday at Magpie Sports Club.

“We had a reasonable turnout attending” Society President Ian Granland said “but I feel the recent edict of the restrictions to the amount of people permitted in groups, might have added to the fact that there was a smaller number there yesterday than normal, however there was well more than enough for a quorum” he continued.

All but Tom Mahon stood for re-election and those that did were re-installed to their previous posts.

The Society issued a comprehensive annual report which outline their activities throughout last year with the treasurer declaring a healthy bank balance.  Click here to read the report.

This year they will appoint a patron with negotiations currently being formalised.

There is much more work being undertaken with treasurer John Addison, suggesting a new and revised method to make all that is stored in the Society’s collection being able to be viewed on line.  Discussions are currently ongoing with the Society’s programmer to facilitate this and other moves to improve their administrative and archival systems.

2020 Officials

Position Person
President: Ian Granland
Vice President:  Dr Rod Gillett
Secretary: Paul Macpherson
Treasurer: John Addison
Ian Wright
Amanda Keevil
Jenny Hancock
Heather White




– Treasurer says “sell the books”

   John Addison

With the annual financial report looming, the Society’s treasurer, John Addison has told the committee that we need to offload a number of books: A Game To Be Played,  first published a few years ago.

The Society still has a surplus of these publications and is offering them for sale at the bargain price of $10 each, plus postage.

The book deals with football in Sydney prior to and during WWI and also with the men who played in Sydney and served overseas in both the army and navy during that period.

A lot of research has gone into the book which contains several images and tables.  It is a good read and one you should have on your footy bookshelf.

If you want a copy, email us here.

– Big Crowd At Gus’ Funeral

A Smiling Gus McKernan

There was a big turnout of friends and relations at former committeeman, Gus McKernan’s funeral held at Toongabbie yesterday.

He succumbed to pancreatic cancer last Friday following a six month battle with the illness.

Many of the gathering were from the Pennant Hills Football Club where Gus was the popular patron.  He is the second committeeman and Penno supporter to pass in recent years and follows a champion supporter of our Society, Bill Carey.

The Society’s annual general meeting will be held on Tuesday 20 March at Wests Magpies.  Documentation for the meeting, including the annual report are currently being compiled and expected to be distributed to members shortly.

The Society is seeking more members for the committee and justifies this in the annual report which outlines the massive tasks it is likely to take on, subject to getting more people on board to help out.

One job some of the committee are working on are updating club honour boards.  Some of these have already been posted on the Society’s website but with new information we hope to revise these and also add the details of other NSW clubs

John Addison, the Society’s treasurer, has also taken on providing GPS co-ordinates for the grounds in the state which have been used for Australian Football over the years.  Melbournite, Roger Dunkley is searching out material to add to the ‘grounds’ database which looks likely to develop into a large and interesting catalogue of fields within NSW.

– Jack Dean Interview – now includes part 2

The Society has released an historical interview with Jack Dean, now deceased, which was recorded in 2011.  Click the link which will take you to the site where you can listen.  When you bring up this link, click the > feature marked on the black ‘recording’ icon.

Jack Dean Interview, part II

Society officials said they were very fortunate in locating the recording after a dozen interviews of former Sydney football players and personalties were given to the State Library of NSW for safe keeping but now find they are unable to obtain copies to load onto this site.

Jack Dean was a powerful man during his time in Sydney football and he was inducted into the Sydney Hall of Fame in 2003.  Here is a little of his bio:
“Born in Sydney and due to his father’s influence (Joe Dean also played for “Easts) he joined the Eastern Suburbs Football Club at the age of 16. Jack was chosen to play for NSW at 17 then became a driving force as a ruckman at Eastern Suburbs and went on to represent NSW 25 times. Played in Easts premiership teams between 1953-58, coached Ardlethan FC in the Riverina for 1959-60 seasons before returning to coach Eastern Suburbs in 1961. In 1962 Jack crossed to Sydney Naval and played there until he retired in 1966. He won 4 Best & Fairest Awards and 4 Runner Up Awards with Easts and in 1958 won the Best & Fairest Trophy representing NSW in the Centenary Carnival in Melbourne.  Later, he became a State Selector for 12 years.

Jack was President of Easts from 1970-82 during which the club won 6 premierships. He received the ANFC Merit Award for Service to Australian Football in 1977. Jack was involved with Easts Juniors as a coach and was Junior State Selector for the NSW Under 15 Shell Cup and Manager on several Shell Cup Interstate trips. In a career spanning 20 years, Jack played 310 games for Easts, 45 for Sydney Naval, 40 for Ardlethan and 25 for NSW. He also won Best & Fairest Awards for NSW against Western Australia, Queensland and ACT during his career.”

Jack was twice nominated for the AFL Hall of Fame in Melbourne without a positive result.

He lived in Paddington for the greater part of his life and was one who was involved not only in local football but also with the successful application for a licence for his club which became ‘East Rules club’.

Fortunately we have located the second tape of this interview series which is also now posted on this site.  Both tapes end abruptly and unfortunately our equipment at this stage does not provide the apparatus to correct this, but we are working on it.

Treasurer, John Addison, is now working on loading the six part interview with Frank Dixon interview.  Dixon is also a member of the Sydney Hall of Fame.  He was very actively involved in Sydney football both before and after WWII.  He is a former Deputy Lord Mayor of Sydney after which the Frank Dixon Grandstand at Trumper park was named.  These interviews should be on our site mid next week.

Both of these men provide very interesting insights to Sydney football.

– Committee Re-elected

A reasonable turnout at Magpie Sports yesterday saw those on the committee who stood for election, re-appointed to their positions.

The include:

  • President                      –       Ian Granland
  • Vice President             –       Paul Macpherson
  • Secretary                      –        Heather White
  • Treasurer                      –        John Addison
  • Committee Persons –        Jenny Hancock, Tom Mahon, Ian Wright & Gus McKernan

A comprehensive annual report was tabled and the president moved through the document explaining its contents.  He also commended the members of the committee for their commitment and contribution over the past 12 months.  He also said that while four persons stood as Committee there was provision for the addition of an extra person with whom he had discussions with in recent weeks.

Following the meeting a Special General Meeting was held to approve the changes to the constitution.  These now bring the organisation in line with the updated requirements of the Incorporated Associations Act and the rules and guidelines set by the Department of Fair Trading.  A copy of this had been posted on this website.

After the formalities, attendees were invited to inspect the facilities in the Society’s room at Magpie Sports.  This is where a photograph was taken of some and include from left: Mark Spooner, Tom Mahon (standing),  Ian Allan (son of Bill),  Ian Granland, Bill Allan, Jim McSweeney, Ian Wright.

The Countdown is On …. 5 – 4 – 4 – 2 – 1

It is only a matter of hours now before the Society’s new website will go live.

Following discussions with the website designer, Mike Gerlyand pictured, it has been decided to go live with the  new site tomorrow night (Thurs. 14 April)

Mike now has finalised enough on the new version to upload it as a workable site. He said he will work on the finer details in the next few days.

Some of the unique features will be modified including Gus’ Question and perhaps Image of the Week.

Officials are working on a regular quiz to replace G.Q. and a series of new images that will compliment the site.

Mike has said he is keen to get the site off the ground and now with the adoption of the new logo it appears to be full steam ahead.

All this will dovetail into a much better system for the Society with the installation of a dedicated land line to their rooms at Wests which will provide an enormous amount of flexibility for internet access and the uploading of material.Mike Gerlyand

Currently they operate on a wi-fi sim card which is not only expensive but restricts the amount of data that can be up and downloaded, depending on their willingness to buy more time.

The line has very recently been installed with technicians to be engaged shortly to run it to the rooms which are situated on the first floor at the back of the club.  In addition to this they will source an ISP which will better provide to the needs of the Society.

The treasurer, John Addison, has already come up with a method which will allow remote access to the data on the systems server at Wests after the line is mounted and connected.  Any work undertaken at the workers homes can then be directly uploaded to the storage facility at the club.