Inside History MagazineThe Society has had a write-up in the just released 20th issue of the  Inside History Magazine.

The booklet is published every two months and contains some most fascinating articles on various items of Australian History.

It has been on the market now for about 2 years and is one of the most professional publications I have ever seen.  It is exceptionally well presented and the content is real, authentic and accurate.  Something very necessary in magazines of this nature.

You can read more at their website:

Purchase is normally by subscription with a special 12 month deal on at the moment for $50 or 6 months for $25.  Digital subscriptions are also available.

We don’t normally push products on this site but if you are a history buff, this is well worth the investment.  It is independently owned and 2014-01-01 Inside History Magazine smallcomes out of Sydney.

Our article centres on the Society’s online Rep Team Programme which features the names and details of players representing NSW as far back as 1881.  We are slowly adding more games to the repository and currently are up to 1905.  You can check out the Inside History article by clicking this image:

The photograph in the article was selected at random from our website and ironically enough, features some well known past Sydney football identities including Joe and Jack Armstrong, Aub Reid and Alby Young.

With regards to the programme, our researchers have recently found never before listed NSW represetative games, which just goes to show how well the records were kept all those years ago.  One was a game against a Wagga combination at the ‘Wagga Wagga Cricket Ground’ on August 16, 1905.  The NSW team stopped over at Wagga on its way back from Melbourne where they played a match against the VFL.  We will feature an article on the Wagga match in our next post.

On a more sombre subject, Vice President, Bill Carey, a very long term Sydney football player, official and supporter, has been rushed to hospital to undergo further tests.