1924 NSW State Team Hobart smallWe have a number of images in our repository, of which quite a considerable amount are displayed on our website.

Additionally we have pages of names which we have to add or fix up and while it is on the drawing board, we just haven’t had time to get round to it, but we will.

Recently we were sent a fantastic photograph by Sean Cowan in Western Australia.  It is of the 1924 NSW State team taken at North Hobart Oval, Tasmania during the All-States Carnival in August.

We have the names of the players in another studio photograph so can transpose those onto this pic., again, when time permits.

The captain of the team was A. Ellis.  Yes, thats all we have, A. Ellis.  We know he was from the Newtown club and that he captained that club in the same year, but that is it.  We have since found that his name was Bert, Albert.

Immediately behind Ellis is Byran Rush who was vice captain.  Bryan played with North Shore and formerly had two seasons with Collingwood before moving to Sydney.  He was 31 when this photograph was taken.

The side only won a single game from five in the carnival and that was against Queensland in the opening match.  They really were not competitive against the other states.

NSW played the VFL on three occasions that year and apart from the game in Hobart, their Sydney and Melbourne matches were reasonably close.  However this was probably on weekends where the VFL had other representative teams in different parts of the country playing representative games.