– NSW Players to the AFL

Miles Wilks Book smallThe Society will work with author of Australian Football Clubs in NSW, Miles Wilks, to publish a list of the NSW players who have played in the VFL/AFL.

Miles’ book is an extra-ordinary read where he discusses not only the players but also the clubs they came from.  From Broken Hill, Corowra-Rutherglenn, Newtown to Nelson Bay, Wilks covers all the known players and he tells us of the most recent recruits and the very few he missed in his research.

Miles is a member of the History Society having served one term on the committee.  He is committed to continue his recording various aspects of NSW football and never lets a chance pass by without penning some information about an event.

The list which will appear on our site will include the name, home club, VFL/AFL club, games, image and where available any outside links to the person.  Miles will manage the page which Society officials are in the process of arranging.