Washout Games

cloud with rain thumbnailIn a not so organised act in July 1930, league officials called all games off on a particular Saturday with almost no notice to players and fans.

At Trumper Park, the reserve grade (only two games per day then) were ready to take to the field when they were told that the games would not be played. This was the first time in 20 years that such a decision had been made.

Worst still, this was in the days of admission charges at Sydney games, and quite a number of supporters had paid their entry fee which of course they demanded back.

Also at Trumper Park, a North Shore official put on a real turn against the decision asking “if the League considered his club a team of sugar babies!!”

Normally they had a wet weather sub-committee in place for such occasions but because none had been appointed that season, the decision was left to both the league secretary and treasurer.

The secretary, Alex McWhinney (pictured), said the grounds were in a “frightful condition and totally unsuitable for football with sheets of water over both (and the only venues of) Erskineville Oval and Trumper Park.”A. McWhinney thumbnail

What did stump club officials was the fact that following the abandonment of the game, both Sydney and North Shore clubs had their players participate in a scratch match on the ground with the umpires providing their services free of charge.

Of course now the postponement of games due to wet weather is common throughout NSW and Queensland in all sports, not just Australian Football.