Sydney Naval 1952

1952 Sydney Naval 1st GradeThe other day one of our members brought in an aging photograph.

“I found this somewhere at the bottom of my stuff when I was cleaning things out the other day” said an aging George McGifford.

“I was in the navy and played for Sydney Naval in the early fifties.  There were a number of navy guys playing with the club at the time and we had a very good side.  I was lucky to get a game.

Brought up in Shepparton, Victoria,  George said it wasn’t until a few years later that I married and brought a house at Campsie. ‘ I read an article in the local paper about the Western Suburbs Club so came over for a run.’

McGifford was later the club secretary for a number of years in the 1970s.

Together with a young George in the photo is Billy Hartup, who went on to become mayor of the South Sydney Council.

Another is the club treasurer, Jack Magner, who would remain in that position for many years and was often looked upon as the backbone of the Sydney Naval Club.  He was also a member of the League’s Board of Management in the 1960s.

In another update in the website is a very interesting article about two players who had enlisted in WWI.  They were in the initial wave at Gallipoli but unfortunately did not return.  Check it out here:

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