– Society Unveils New Player & Game Resource

The Society has unveiled a new resource focusing mainly on representative fixtures and players – click image to access.

It has now and for some time published NSW representative game details from 1881 onwards, currently finishing at 1941.  Research is continuing on retrieving details from the latter date to the present.

At the same time tweaking this new feature will be undertaken to present it at its best.  It provides a fantastic background on NSW representative games that were played and those that participated and officiated in them.

Already an immense amount of research has gone into recovering the data which forms the basis of these records mostly because very little account of these many games was never kept.

Society officials have gone further in some circumstances by obtaining some personal information on participants however this will only be displayed where the person is deceased.  At this stage all who have been recorded fall within the category.

The former database will be retained on the search feature until the new one is fully operating.

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