The History Society has commenced work on posting players’ representative games online.

This will include games for all players who have represented NSW in senior, under 18, Teal Cup (Under 17) and Shell Cup (Under 15) since records have become available.

The Society has details of representative games and the players who competed in them dating back to 1881 and are slowly collating opposition, scores, venues, players and umpires into a data base which will be posted online so that this information can be downloaded.

This exercise is fairly time consuming with a number of the committee taking on the extra workload in order to get the project finished and posted as soon as possible.

They are also seeking someone who may be interested in constructing the framework for the data base to facilitate it’s creation.

Meanwhile the Society’s new secretary, Greg Stewart, is making final arrangements for the incorporation of the organisation.  He now has the necessary paperwork and is in the process of negotiating with the Department of Fair Trading for it’s implementation.

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