Society Adds New Version of Football Record Selection

Over the past few years, the NSW Australian Football History Society has been adding football records or what they really are: match day programmes, to their website. 

There are now over 4,000 of these publications accessible through this site and the number is building.

Soon, more Ovens & Murray FL ‘Critic’ (match day programmes) will be included with over 700 ready to be scanned and uploaded.

Most recently the Society added ‘club’ match day programmes from the former Coreen and District Football League clubs.

The Coreen FL normally only published their match day programmes in the final series whilst the respective member clubs issued a ‘home team match programme’ which was supplied to attendees at home games.  These detailed much of the day’s activities together with their club news, which included football as well as netball and at times were very inventive.

We have been provided with a number of these ranging from 1953 (finals) and the club issued programmes from about 1990.  These are now viewable in a new format, devised by Society treasurer, John Addison and this model is new and very reader friendly. You can view this new process below and although not all of the Society’s Football Records are accessed in this manner, the remainder on the list (particularly for the Sydney competition) will be upgraded shortly.


And we use this article as a call-out to people throughout Australia for more of these NSW match day programmes, no matter what league, so they can be processed and added to our online repository.  If you have any, contact us here.

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