– Real Action from 1978

1972 Prelim Final Western Suburbs v St George
1972 Prelim Final Western Suburbs v St George
at Trumper Park

Well, we beside ourselves being able to present some 1978 vision of Sydney football for you.  Now thats almost 40 years ago and its good, colour video images of football as it was played in the city.

Besides the memories and faces this will evoke, these short movies will also give you a glimpse of the various grounds and their facilities of the time.

One case in point is Trumper Park.  A ground once hailed as the headquarters for football in Sydney, this small parcel of land in Paddington has since been reduced to nothing but a Park with no fences, little seating and trees growing where once crowds of people thronged on the hill the the sound of the umpire’s whistle and the cries of the players.

There are more videos to come;  all in all we have about a dozen of these 10 minute clips so there’s more to be loaded but best of all, they are available for sale from the History Society.

Sit back and watch some of the action from 1978 by clicking here.  It was pretty good footy then.

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