Ellis Noack

Ellis Noack with the NSW Police Commissioner, Fred Hanson

Probably one of the best known players and later administrators of the game in Sydney during the 1950s, 70s & 80s.

There was no-one in Sydney who didn’t know or know of Ellis.

He came to Sydney in 1956 from Ariah Park, NSW to join the NSW Police Force and during his time in football played with:

  • Eastern Suburbs FC
  • St George FC
  • Newtown FC – as captain-coach
  • Southern Districts FC
  • South Sydney FC
  • Campbelltown FC
Ellis with the Police Team

And during the week in the season he played for the Police Football Club.

He amassed probably close to 500 senior games in his career and besides life member of the Sydney Football League and clubs, he was admitted to the Sydney Hall of Fame some years ago.


This is a short interview made during a function at the Alexandria Hotel in Sydney.


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