Albert William Barry

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Place of birth:Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Born:16th August 1891
Died:27th August 1958
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Served in World War 1 where he lost a leg. Prior to this he was a very good swimmer and but for the war, it is said he would have represented Australia at the Olympics. He attended Fort Street School (when it was at Fort Street, Sydney). After his injury at the war he undertook further studies in England. Albert Barry became an assistant crown prosecutor in NSW.

Article from the Sunday Sun - 23 September 1906 p.7
"Albert Barry, the captain of Fort-street Model School Football Club (Australian Rules), is a thorough athlete. He is 15 years old, and stands 5ft. 9in. high. He has played with Plunkett Street School, Eastern Suburbs (Young Australian Team), and this year with Sydney (Y.A.), as well as having captained Fort-street school. He is a splendid swimmer, being amongst the first four champions at Fort-street, and holds the championship medal for the State In the schoolboys' diving competition"

In October 1906 visiting VFL Club, Carlton played NSW at the Agricultural Ground (old Sydney Showground). Carlton were short and included Albert Barry in their team for the match. He was 15. This was quite a big accolade in a young boys life. He kicked a goal.



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