Alfred Ronald Matthews

Last edited on 18th August 2019.

Place of birth:Collingwood, Victoria, Australia
Born:12th October 1924
Died:1st January 1974
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Although born in Victoria was educated at Gardeners Road, Public School, Mascot, NSW.

Served in the RAAF during WWII and played with South Sydney in 1942.. Discharged post August 28, 1946. Remained in Sydney until end of 1947 season.



Games played


Ron Matthews noted as being 17 years of age in 1942Matthews referred to as "Jim Matthews" a local from Rosebery FCRon Matthews (aged 18) trains with Richmond in April 1943Ron Matthews in Sth Aust in March 1944 undertaking defence dutiesRon Matthews played with Richmond Seconds in 1943Ron Matthews is ballotted to play with the West Glenelg Club in April 1944