New Work on Website Development

Society Treasurer, John Addison with programmer Ryan Voitiskis analysing the issues with the website

The Society has taken a further step to upgrade its website.

It recently engage computer programmer, Ryan Voitiskis to investigate and reframe certain aspects of the site.

These changes will enable better ease of joining the Society and enable the inclusion of as many people as possible who were involved in the game in New South Wales throughout the years, to be included on our growing database.

The Society already has quite a number of lists of people ranging from players, umpires, club and league officials as well as a recently compiled register of all players from NSW who played in the VFL/AFL.

This entire database will eventually provided for literally thousands of names, their details and involvement in the code which should become a very interesting and important repository for the history of the game.

For too long those who walked before us have been forgotten.  Some had a huge impact on their respective facet of Australian Football and yet it only takes a year or two for their involvement to be forgotten.

We hope to have this up and running early in the new year.

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