1939 NSW v ACT in Canberra smallAnother NSW state photograph has been located.

This came as a result of the Newtown FC reunion two weeks ago when former members of the club brought along photos and other memorabilia reflecting the club’s past.

The photograph, donated by Joe Franklin, was processed this week and although it was recognized as an early image of the NSW team, with the players all appearing to be decked out in the familiar light blue and black, incidentally Australian football is only one of two sports in the state which have a similar colour styled uniform, the year and venue were unknown.

Luckily a number of faces in the team were recognizable which narrowed down the search to either prior to or early in WWII.  In fact after a short time, officials limited the photo to one of about six interstate games.

With a process of further elimination and research, the image has been identified as the NSW team which played Canberra at Manuka Oval in the ACT on 24 June 1939.

The team comprised:

Jack Guthrie (NS) capt, Ned Blacklock (Sydney), Henry Crane (St George), Athol McPhee (Eastern Subs), Jack (Bomber) Browne (St George), Jim (Bub) Phelan (South Sydney), Doug Edgeworth (Eastern Subs), Jack Davies (Sydney), Bert Aitken (Newtown), Dave Blacklock (Sydney), Fred Pendergast (St George), Joe Franklin (Newtown), Jim Allen (Newtown), Fred Eyre (Sydney), C Coupe (South Sydney), Micky Stiff (South Sydney), Jack Williamson (Eastern Subs), Hec Starr (South Sydney), Gordon Bennett (South Sydney)  Those highlighted have been identified.

Canberra 14.10 (94) d NSW 10.15 (75)Goals for NSW: Phelan 3, Crane 2, Edgeworth 2, Stiff, E Blacklock & Aitken 1 each.  Best: Blacklock, Stiff, Starr, Guthrie, Coupe, Williamson, Browne.

Any information that can be of assistance with other players in this photograph would be appreciated as would any further images of past players or team in the state.

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