Newsletter image with background colourThe Society will issue their latest newsletter next week after the final touches were added today.

“We had a bit of space that we needed to fill and couldn’t come up with anything of real interest to the members so it sat there for weeks” the Society’s news editor told us late this week.  “But we were fortunate to gain a couple of interesting enough fillers which allowed the document to go to our proof reader who gave it the green light, so it should be posted out shortly.”

The best part about the issue of the September newsletter will be the addition of the Society’s first annual journal.  This 50 page document has been put together by committeeman, Paul Macpherson and proof read by our sub editor who also gave this publication a tick, so its all systems go.

Memberships Officer, Jenny Hancock (pictured) said she expects both of these documents will be well received by the members.Jenny-Hancock2

“A fair bit of work has gone into putting them together and I for one am very pleased with the result” Jenny said.

“People will find the journal an absorbing read while the newsletter is full of worthwhile articles most of which are very relative to what members want to know.”

Both will be available to members only.

Jenny also reports that the numbers are quickly growing for the Newtown Football Club reunion.  Now only four weeks away officials are speculating whether they should put a limit on the number attending.

“This is another area in which I am involved” Jenny said.  “My former husband, Gordon, played with Newtown in the 1960s and I know many of those registering their participation on the day.  It should be a wonderful event and I want to appeal to all those coming along to bring any photos or other memorabilia they have for everyone to see.”

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