New Gallery

As we slowly progress more changes to our website, we are pleased to announce a completely new face and growing content to our gallery, see it here.

We have been able to better identify and separate the various pictorial features we present on the site.

These include:

  •  NSW State Teams
  • NSW Junior State Teams
  • School & Junior Teams
  • Club Images
  • People
  • Women in Football
  • Grounds
  • Other

These pages have been developed over a period of significant thought and deliberation.

Now don’t jump up and down if the section you look at has has a narrow range of images.  This is a big task and with limited voluntary staff it will take some time to scan, categorize and load all the images in the Society’s collection.  But, we are getting there.  If you have any images that you think may be of value to us, please scan and send them to us.

So we encourage you to check the page every now and then to see the new images that have been included.

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