Our researchers have been hard at it producing a list of the final four and grand final scores for the Premier Division Reserve Grade, now known as, Division I.  There are still a small number of results which our people are unsure of but the list still makes good reading.  Go to CLUBS & LEAGUES > FINAL FOUR & GRAND FINAL SCORES > PREMIER DIVISION – Reserve Grade (Div I)

Also, we have posted NSW & ACT Recipients of the AFL Merit Award.  This was an award presented to personnel nominated by their respective State Body whom they consider have contributed a good deal of effort for football in their area/state.  Go to CLUBS & LEAGUES > LEAGUES > NSW AFL > AFL MERIT AWARD RECIPIENTS

The award was originally presented in the early 1950s by the Australian National Football Council to one recipient  per state.  In recent years they have upped the number to two.  The presenting body was the Australian National Football Council, changed to the National Football League in 1978 with the responsibility for the award taken over by the AFL when they assumed overall control of the game in Australia during the mid 1990s.

In this list our researchers have attempted to show the areas the recipients hail from when the award was presented.

The league’s life members will be listed soon.

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