The Society continues to grow but the growth is limited to its number of members.  Currently around 64 are card carrying supporters however the committee is encouraging more to join and certainly look to standing for the management group.

“I know many are reluctant to stand for committee, it means meetings and taking up some of their time but we need more to volunteer for these positions so we can continue as an organised group to further our goals” Society president, Ian Granland, said this week.

“Most of us on the committee attend the rooms at Wests each Tuesday for a few hours, where we work with the multitude of items we are slowly gathering.  Thats not mandatory so if people don’t see themselves as committing to the committee we would be eternally grateful to get a few more willing hands to help with the work we have.”

“Its not rocket science stuff but rather categorising, indexing and to help in preserving the material we have.”

“This week we were shown the progress that has been made with our rep team data base.  We have people writing a separate computer programme which will allow us to list all the NSW interstate games, regardless of age, the players, coaches, managers, venues etc. and we hope to have this up and running by Christmas.  This will be one area where new volunteers can help.  Inputting material here will take some time and one benefit with it is that it can be done at home.”

The committee has toyed with who should have access to this programme and while it will have the potential to be limited to members only, the wider view is that it should be open to everyone who wishes to view it.  One suggestion which might be applied however, is that potential viewers will have to register themselves with us.  This will come under a ‘free membership’ category and should not impact on the Society’s push to attract more to their number.

On a separate issue the Society has made inquiries to professional archivists to look at the setup they have in their rooms at Wests to see if can be better managed.

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