– More Options on Rep Team/Player Search

The Society has developed more options in the Rep Team Player and Team search.

These are now available from the Navigation Bar on the website as shown in the attached image.

These are mostly contained to NSW representative games.

You can now print all or one rep game and its details.  You can now print all players from one club or a list of games played against a particular opponent,  ie NSW v QLD.  

The print feature provides a number of additional options which are continuing to be developed.  Any feedback you can provide regarding this new initiative please let us know.

Officials are slowly updating the NSW interstate representative games and are currently up to 1941 however more recently resolved to post more recent games starting from 2017.  Harvesting this information though is causing a bigger issue than before and the thinking is now to revert to a period earlier than the current year, unless of course details of interstate clashes can be provided for publication.  Can you help?

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