More Changes

Paul Macpherson angle smallOver the past few days the Society’s Senior Vice President, Paul Macpherson, has begun introducing new changes to the front page of the Society’s Website.

In doing so he is soliciting suggestions, ideas and comments, firstly on these new changes and secondly on material that you might want to see or get access to through or on the website.

His changes follows a number of weeks of different phases of change to the website but in the latest it gives the reader directions or links to data that the Society has in its collection.  Much of this has been scanned and made available digitally while a vast amount is yet to be digitised and that is where the work is.

It is the aim of the Society to include items of historical football significance from right around the state but currently the effort is being centred mainly on Sydney because that is where most of the objects and items are have been housed and are more readily accessible.

If you have some ideas or comments, you can contact us here setting our your suggestions.

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