Society Committee member for five years, Jack Dean, has finally decided to hang up his football boots.

He joined the committee in 2006 prior to the establishment of the group formalising its Society status and incorporation.

He was invaluable for his knowledge of specific eras of Sydney football from the mid forties through to the 1980s.  Jack is 83 years of age and his bio in Sydney football is almost unique:

Born in Sydney and due to his father’s influence (Joe Dean who also played for Easts) he joined the Eastern Suburbs Football Club at the age of 16.  An easy decision seeing the family lived next door to Trumper Park.

Jack was chosen to play for NSW at 17 then became a driving force as a ruckman at Eastern Suburbs and went on to represent NSW on 25 occasions. He played in Easts premiership teams between 1953-58, coached Ardlethan FC in the Riverina for 1959-60 seasons before returning to coach Eastern Suburbs in 1961.


In 1962 Jack crossed to neighbouring club, Sydney Naval and played there until he retired from football in 1966.

He won 4 Best & Fairest and 4 Runner Up Awards with Easts and in 1958 won the Div. II Carnival Best & Fairest Trophy representing NSW in the Centenary football carnival in Melbourne. Later, he became a NSW State Selector for 12 years.


Jack was President of Easts from 1970-82 during which the club won 6 premierships. He received the ANFC Merit Award for Service to Australian Football in 1977. Jack was also involved with Easts Juniors as a coach and Junior State Selector for the NSW Under 15 (Shell Cup) and Manager on several Shell Cup Interstate trips.


In a playing career spanning over 20 years, Jack played 310 games for Easts, 45 for Sydney Naval, 40 for Ardlethan as well as 25 for NSW. He also won Best & Fairest Awards for NSW against Western Australia, Queensland and ACT during his career.

He even had a booklet of his playing football photographs and newspaper articles published in his honour.

Jack’s knowledge of those past players in Sydney was invaluable when it came to nominations for the Sydney Football Hall of Fame and he himself was an almost automatic selection to the post in its first year.

His presence will be sorely missed and sited his inability to again stand for election on the Society’s move to the Western Suburbs Club at Croydon Park.  At Jack’s age, the trip to and from the venue posed a real issue and he decided not to test fate, particularly after he has spent several bouts in hospital in recent years.

The Society is indebted to Jack for his involvement and has invited him to continue his relationship with those on the Board.  In return Jack has donated a number of items of his memorabilia of Sydney football which include several from former East’s coach and mentor, Alf Penno.

The top photo is a recent one of Jack sporting one of the new Society polo shirts which are now available for purchase.

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