– Jack Dean Interview – now includes part 2

The Society has released an historical interview with Jack Dean, now deceased, which was recorded in 2011.  Click the link which will take you to the site where you can listen.  When you bring up this link, click the > feature marked on the black ‘recording’ icon.



Jack Dean Interview, part II

Society officials said they were very fortunate in locating the recording after a dozen interviews of former Sydney football players and personalties were given to the State Library of NSW for safe keeping but now find they are unable to obtain copies to load onto this site.

Jack Dean was a powerful man during his time in Sydney football and he was inducted into the Sydney Hall of Fame in 2003.  Here is a little of his bio:
“Born in Sydney and due to his father’s influence (Joe Dean also played for “Easts) he joined the Eastern Suburbs Football Club at the age of 16. Jack was chosen to play for NSW at 17 then became a driving force as a ruckman at Eastern Suburbs and went on to represent NSW 25 times. Played in Easts premiership teams between 1953-58, coached Ardlethan FC in the Riverina for 1959-60 seasons before returning to coach Eastern Suburbs in 1961. In 1962 Jack crossed to Sydney Naval and played there until he retired in 1966. He won 4 Best & Fairest Awards and 4 Runner Up Awards with Easts and in 1958 won the Best & Fairest Trophy representing NSW in the Centenary Carnival in Melbourne.  Later, he became a State Selector for 12 years.

Jack was President of Easts from 1970-82 during which the club won 6 premierships. He received the ANFC Merit Award for Service to Australian Football in 1977. Jack was involved with Easts Juniors as a coach and was Junior State Selector for the NSW Under 15 Shell Cup and Manager on several Shell Cup Interstate trips. In a career spanning 20 years, Jack played 310 games for Easts, 45 for Sydney Naval, 40 for Ardlethan and 25 for NSW. He also won Best & Fairest Awards for NSW against Western Australia, Queensland and ACT during his career.”

Jack was twice nominated for the AFL Hall of Fame in Melbourne without a positive result.

He lived in Paddington for the greater part of his life and was one who was involved not only in local football but also with the successful application for a licence for his club which became ‘East Rules club’.

Fortunately we have located the second tape of this interview series which is also now posted on this site.  Both tapes end abruptly and unfortunately our equipment at this stage does not provide the apparatus to correct this, but we are working on it.

Treasurer, John Addison, is now working on loading the six part interview with Frank Dixon interview.  Dixon is also a member of the Sydney Hall of Fame.  He was very actively involved in Sydney football both before and after WWII.  He is a former Deputy Lord Mayor of Sydney after which the Frank Dixon Grandstand at Trumper park was named.  These interviews should be on our site mid next week.

Both of these men provide very interesting insights to Sydney football.

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