It Pays To Remember

In 1921 & 22 the North Sydney Rugby League Club won the premiership in Sydney.  They were going very well.

Unfortunately the following season  it appeared that they were caught napping when applying for their home ground of North Sydney Oval, a venue which they normally packed out at their home games.  So much so that the club’s revenue from the 1922 season was their greatest to date.

The NSW Australian Football League either outbid them or the rugby league club failed to put in an application for the oval and lost the use of the two grounds, (North Sydney No 1 & No. 2) for the 1923 season.  So the use of it for 1923 went to the local AFL club, North Shore, then known as ‘The Shoremen’.

This came hot on the heels of the Glebe Rugby League Club (they were in the NSWRL competition then) losing the use of Wentworth Park, at Glebe, to soccer a couple of years before.

Just goes to show that you cannot be too complacent in thinking that the ground would normally always go to the incumbent.  Amazingly, this isn’t the first time that this has happened in local sport but certainly unheard of at that level.

The North Sydney Rugby League club finished fifth in 1923.

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