The Society’s Historical Collections – Club Annual Reports

Sydney Football Clubs’ and Umpires’ Annual Reports

Old Annual Reports

The Society is moving through the process of posting copies of the respective club annual reports – where available.

It should be noted that not all clubs published annual reports which highlighted their activities for the preceding year.  And in fact many, still do not published any type of comprehensive report on their season.

Successful as some clubs were in Sydney over the years, we believe many shirked their community responsibility and so the history of why, how and when it happened does not exist.

Others, like Western Suburbs, St George, Pennant Hills, Sydney Hills and South Sydney all provided extensive reports into their season.  We believe we have most of these publications and you see these begin to appear on our site within the next few months.

If you have access to any copies of club annual reports, regardless of where in NSW, we would appreciate you making contact with the Society.


Balmain FC

Bankstown Sports FC

Campbelltown FC

Cronulla Junior Australian Football Club

East Coast Eagles FC aka Baulkham Hills FC  

Eastern Suburbs FC

Gosford FC

Inner West Magpies (updated)

Killarney Vale FC

New South Wales Australian Football Umpires’ Association (updated)

Newtown FC 

North Shore FC

Pennant Hills FC (updated)

Rosebery FC

South Sydney FC

St George Australian Football Club FC  (updated)

Sydney (Naval) FC – changed name from Sydney to Sydney Naval in 1944 – (updated)

Terrigal Avoca FC


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