Historical Objects

Historical objects relating to NSW Football: trophies, playing and other club uniforms, premiership pennants and flags, badges and other football items

Note: This section of the website is being redeveloped. In the meantime if you are interested in viewing, or finding out about, the objects in our collection please contact us

This section of the website will provide images of, and information about, historical objects held in the Society’s collections. The original objects may be viewed by appointment at the Society’s rooms.

The Matthews-Hodgson Cup (OBJ-1)Trophies
Cups and other trophies awarded to clubs and players
Premiership Flag 3rd Grade 1958 small2Uniforms, pennants, flags and badges (arranged by club)
Balmain, Eastern Suburbs, South Sydney,
Kealey MedalOther football items
Medals, badges, whistles, balls, time clocks, first aid equipment, etc