History Society Rooms Enhanced

A bit more flair has been added to the windows in the room adjacent to where the Football History Society are domiciled at Wests Magpies Club, Croydon Park.

The Society engaged a professional sign writer to display a coloured translucent sign on two windows that promote the Society and it’s presence within the club.  It can be seen from the rear of the club and most certainly from the adjoining Picken Oval.

The sign writer, Nick Hudson has also created some marvellous signs within the premises for the licensed club itself.  Part of his arrangement with the club is to erect similar signage on the front doors of the club and elsewhere promoting various special days and events in the Australian calendar, ie Christmas, Easter and ANZAC Day etc.

The Society’s window sign was to be installed on the window on the right in the image but this already has a tinted solar guard film which could interfere with the effectiveness of the image.

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