History Society Chasing Murray Football League Records

The NSW Australian Football History Society is looking to add to its collection of material on the game within the state by seeking access to Murray Football League match day programmes

Amongst the Society’s collection are almost 4000 Sydney and Riverina match programmes including the ‘Crier’, ‘Sou Wester’ and ‘Aussie Ruler’.  All have been digitally scanned and are viewable on the Society’s website by clicking here.

More recently over 70 Hume Football League Records have been added to the collection and these are also viewable on the website along with similar items from the Central Coast and Newcastle.

There are also a significant number of Broken Hill Football League Budgets from 1966-69 which have been scanned and included in the Society’s online collection however attempts to acquire more such publications from the ‘Hill has fallen on deaf ears.

What the Society is now seeking are copies of the Murray Football League’s weekly football record.  If you have copies or know where some are and are keen to see their preservation, please contact the Society’s president, Ian Granland on 0412798521.  Once scanned, they will be returned to the owner and a link to their online location will be provided to the local library.  “Don’t let the kids chuck them out.

There has been much movement of clubs over the years in leagues like the Murray FL,  Currently NSW clubs in the league number five which include: Mulawa, Deninilquin Rams, Moama, Barooga and Finley.

“We are also chasing football club history books” Mr Granland said.  “We have a few but want to add more to our digital repository and make them available online.  Again, we are happy to pay and we feel this is a very important exercise in maintaining the history of football in NSW.”

Also don’t forget the Society awards for recent publications on Australian Football in NSW, whether printed, digital or podcast and also the annual award for the best club/league annual report or yearbook.

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