Gus McKernan smallHow much do you know about Sydney footy?

Well we’ve got that footy icon -  (his term not ours), Gus McKernan, to field a series of weekly questions which we are posting on the website.

Gus has been involved in Sydney footy for well over 40 years.  He still goes to at least one game a week, attends all the medal nights and other Sydney footy functions.  Since he has retired he has more time to devote to his game but in the early days he used to advertise his business in the Football Record!  There are not many with such a persistent passion for Sydney football.

If you scroll down the front page of the website you will see his mug shot directing you to his question of the week.  Why not try your luck and see how you go.  The Society is working on providing prizes for the first one in but you have to be quick.

Here is a man who is giving something back to footy.  Keep in touch.

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