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This week we loaded many of the NSW AFL and Sydney Football League directories that have been published since 1973.

Unfortunately we do not hold all copies so some are missing but the ones which have been posted contain a tremendous amount of information about leagues, clubs, grounds, officials, representative details, people, school football, old rules and regulations, forms etc.

The decision in 1987 by the NSW AFL to produce a state wide directory was  fantastic change in football relations around NSW which was seen as extending a hand to help and assist people supporting and playing the game statewide.

It too certainly twigs the memory bank to see names of people involved in the sport in years gone by, many of whom unfortunately are now deceased.

Also there are the clubs that have gone whether they amalgamated or were wound up;  their particulars are there along with the officials, their grounds etc.  It is a wonderful walk into the past, particularly if you are a footy nut and enjoy reading about old footy times.

As a result of these postings we are on the lookout for more directories or similar publications from around the state.  Many leagues and or associations produced similar documents and we would love to incorporate these into the list we already hold.

If you know of any, drop us a line or make contact.

Happy reading: https://nswfootballhistory.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/Index-to-NSW-League-Club-Directories.pdf


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