NSW Australian Football History Society

Online Catalogue of the Collection

This page gives access to the “Register of Accessions” to the Society's collection of historical material relating to football in NSW.
This lists all the historical material taken into the collection in the order in which it was received.
Although in a technical sense a register of accessions is not a “catalogue” for most purposes for our collection it can be used as one.

The register provides information on individual items or groups of items and generally details all material in each accession.
Unless otherwise noted all items listed are available for consultation by appointment in the Society's rooms. Requests for access to the
material or for further information can be made here.

You can search the register by using the search screen below.

Alternatively, you can browse the register by following the process detailed below the search screen.

Search the Catalogue

The search box below searches the entire register of accessions.
Enter any search terms (eg "Eastern Suburbs", "Jack Dean", "socks", "state team").

Browse the Catalogue

To browse the register of accessions click on this link:
Register of accessions to the Society's collection of historical material

This will bring up the first page of the register:


Use the first, previous, next and last buttons at the foot of the page to browse the register. Click on the hyperlink against each item (eg ACC-0001; ACC-0002, etc) to find more information about each accession. This will bring up individual accession details which include, in most cases, a list of all the items included in that accession: