The Metropolitan Football Association in Sydney was what would contemporarily be called ‘Second Division’.

From what can be found it was formed in the late 1920s, possibly starting from an open age competition played in the South Sydney District which included teams representing: Daceyville, Alexandria, Botany, Rosebery and Lauriston Park – a location near in Mascot.  Though in 1929 the NSW Junior League fielded an A Grade comprised of teams from Newtown, St Peters, Erskineville, Teachers’ College, Eastern Suburbs and Bondi.  The possibility of the amalgamation of both could well have been the foundation of the MFA.

The correct name of the organisation was the Metropolitan Australian National Football Association but by 1939 the word ‘junior’ had been added.

At the same time there was a midweek competition between some of the Tram Depots in Sydney.  Because tramway employees worked broken shifts it left time for some employees to compete in a football competition during the day.  Teams in this competition included: Dowling Street, Newtown, Fort Macquarie and Waverley.  All of these were where tram depots were located the reminiscences of some can still be seen today.

Rugby League and soccer were sports also played between the tram depots in Sydney, midweek.

The site of the Fort Macquarie depot was demolished in the late 1950s to erect the Sydney Opera House.

We are working on the teams and officials of the MANFA which will be added here later.