More Riverina Football Records

The Society has been fortunate in obtaining quite a number of historic Football Records from the Riverina, whether they were called ‘The Crier’, ‘Sou’Wester’, ‘Aussie Ruler’ or ‘Football Record’, there are hours of reading if you click here.

The latest copies, dating back to 1956, were supplied by Geoff Gambell and now bring the number of Football Records from the Riverina area to well over 100.

Many of those posted are Grand Final publications from various years with more copies in the pipe line to be added in coming months.

If you have access to any Football Records and would like to see them published on our site please email us at:

Also, in reading these documents, should you find any broken links, please let us know.

Annual General Meeting – changes afoot

The Society’s Annual General meeting will be held at the Magpie Sports Club on Tuesday (5 March) commencing at 1:00pm.

Ian Granland

Members have been circulated with details of the meeting and most recently a copy of the 2018 annual report has also been issued which should reach recipients by Monday.

Already there are changes proposed in the makeup of the committee with several nominations received so far. More on that score following the meeting.

The president, Ian Granland, has forecast the need for a succession plan for the Society. He said “the incumbents will not be there forever and time has come when the organisation should be fielding expressions of interest from members and others interested in the various roles.”

Tuesday’s meeting should see a start to this initiative.

Umpire Assaults

Umpires over the years have been the target of thugs, abuse and unnecessary violence.  While this might have occurred Australia wide, Sydney certainly did have its share of it.  Thankfully, certainly the violence towards umpires appears to have been relatively stamped out.

Possibly the most infamous attack was on central umpire, John Leber on the day after ANZAC Day in 1953 at Trumper Park.  The Sydney Morning Herald reported it on page 1 on 27 April as:

Spectator Knocks Out Football Match Umpire A spectator jumped the playing fence and knocked the central umpire, Jack Leber, unconscious during the Australian Rules foot-ball match between Eastern Suburbs and Newtown at Trumper Park yesterday. Then the spectator walked unhindered off the field and out of the ground. The man attacked Leber soon after a fight by players on both sides during the third quarter. All but six players were involved in the fight in the centre of the field. The fight lasted at least three minutes, with Leber, the two boundary umpires and both goal umpires trying to separate the players. From the second quarter many of Leber’s decisions had been hooted by the crowd of 4,000. During the third quarter spell when both teams were resting and Leber was standing with the boundary and goal umpires in the centre of the field, a coatless spectator jumped the fence. He walked over to Leber and knocked him down unconscious.
St John Ambulance men treated Leber for several minutes before he recovered. A boundary umpire, Joe Armstrong, who is a leading central umpire, offered to take over the match, but Leber carried on after the game had been delayed about six minutes. The ground manager, Mr. Jack Ross, called the police, but the game was in progress when they arrived. After the match Leber collapsed in the dressing-rooms and had to receive first-aid treatment again. He nearly collapsed again under the shower. The president of the N.S.W. League, Mr Les Taylor, said the league would prosecute the attacker if sufficient information became available. After the match, which Eastern Suburbs won by 19-16 (130) to 6-10 (46), the opposing captains, Fred Pemberton (Eastern Suburbs) and Jack Armstrong (Newtown) were reported over the fighting incident.

Fortunately the offender was located and subsequently charged. (see article)

John Leber was a great guy.  Initially he played with Newtown before enlisting for WWII.  When stationed near Melbourne in the army, he wrote to the secretary of the Fitzroy Club and asked for a game.  They gave him a run in the seconds for a couple of weeks, but he didn’t set the world on fire.

He was also instrumental in setting up the Boystown Club near Engadine and was one who formed the Sutherland Club in the 1960s.

John worked for TAA (a National Airline of some note) and besides getting the company to annually advertise in the Sydney Football Record, he arranged for cut price travel for NSW interstate teams.

You can read other articles of Sydney umpire assaults here:

NSW Grounds Under New Management

The Society sees itself as a guardian of football activities that have happened in the past in New South Wales; this can be 140 years ago or yesterday.

Mandy Keevil

Committee member, Mandy Keevil, has taken on the role of registering all the grounds in NSW along with their details on the Society’s website.

Mandy is a former senior librarian at the Ashfield Council and her father played with the Newtown Football Club in the late 1940s. He also represented the state on a number of occasions.

The project Mandy has taken while at first sight may seem a tedoius one, however it is a task which will prove to be very important to the football community. Not only for present day supporters but in years to come when people ask the question where “xyz” club started and played their first game, Mandy’s research will throw a light on just where and when.

And her research doesn’t just cover Sydney. She already has a great repository of grounds that were either used for playing or training for the Australian game and is currently working through them to update their particulars and facilities together with an with an online map showing the location.

If you represent a club or have been involved with a club in New South Wales and want your ground included, please email the History Society here to give Mandy more information that she can work on.

Also former committee member, Bob Wilton has given us a call to alert us to an East Sydney Football Club Reunion. It will be held at Paddington RSL on Saturday 16 March 2019 commencing at 12 midday. Just turn up or you can contact the History Society for further details.

Vale Shirley McKernan

Just on 12 months ago we lost one of our committee members, Gus McKernan, now his wife, Shirley, has also passed.

Shirley McKernan

After Gus died we invited Shirley to join our committee, which she accepted and was a regular attendee at our weekly Tuesday working bees at our Magpie Sports rooms, Croydon Park.

Late last year she announced that she was undergoing tests and could not commit each week until the issue was solved.

The ‘issue’ turned out to be leukemia, the fast moving type. Shirley communicated regularly with the History Society Committee after doctors diagnosed her condition understanding that her life was very limited.

She passed away earlier this week and her funeral will be held at the Toongabbie Anglican Church, 46 Binalong Road, Pendle Hill at 10.30am this Friday (25 January) at 10:30am.

Society president, Ian Granland said Shirley’s passing was a tragedy and unfortunately adds to the numerous people on the Football History Society’s Committee who have died in the passed ten years.

Liverpool Football Club – 1957

An accidental scan of newspapers through TROVE, found an article from the Liverpool Football Club in 1957. In fact it is an abridged version of the club’s annual report and makes interesting (but lengthy) reading and identifies some fascinating historical facts concerning the club:

Liverpool Aussie Rules Football Club


Following are highlights from the reports presented by officers at the annual meeting of Liverpool Australian Football Club in its tenth annual report and financial statement of the ‘Liverpool Australian National Football Club’:

I am deeply conscious of the privilege, and when you have examined it in detail I feel sure you will agree that it reflects considerable credit upon all who made possible the successful passing of our seventh season in major football.

The season 1957 started off by many members spending their week-ends doing a grand job in painting our clubhouse, which was a great credit to them. To those members, on behalf of your Committee I convey many thanks for a job well done.

An asset to our Club was the purchase of a canteen shed, which proved worthy of the Ladies’ Committee. It is hoped the season 1958 will commence with everything the club desires.

Your delegates — J Wilkinson C. Gallagher and K. C. Wilcoxon, (a vice-president of the N.S.W. League) did a grand job throughout the 1957 season and off season. Your delegates attended every meeting — a 100 per cent record. Training — Season 1957 saw a great roll up at training and Jack Armstrong (coach) was in attendance at all times. The lighting was much better than 1956. Trainer W. Desmond did a grand job in looking after all players ; his services on and off the ground were above expectations and your committee and members convey many thanks. Donors. — To these gentlemen we extend our sincere thanks and appreciation for their continued support of the club funds.

First Grade. — This team, coached by Jack Armstrong, gave their best ever and were unlucky in not making the final four. Reserve Grade.— This young side, capably handled by their captain, V. Ansell, all played well throughout the season and managed to play themselves into the four This team is the first the Liverpool Club has had in the finals.

Liverpool once again won the Phelan Medal Trophy, Col Waller being the winner. Congratulations to Col on a wonderful achievement. This Trophy has been won by a player of the Liverpooi Club on four occasions. Another award was won by the Liverpool Club, “The Club Championship”. Many thanks must go to the junior organiser, Mr. C. Gallagher, his officials and the junior teams under his command, also the Reserve Grade for gaining our club many points which no doubt won this award.

The presentation evening was held again at Liverpool Golf Club, on September 13, 1957. It was a great success, many players, supporters and prominent personnel being present. TROPHY WINNERS AND DONORS First Grade: Best and fairest (Wilson Rogers Trophy), Col Waller: most consistent (C. Williamson), J. Sutherland; most improved (R. Caterson), K. Heales; best utility (R. Dunbier), J. Armstrong.

Reserve Grade: Best and Fairest (W. Bryce), V. Ansell; most consistent (S. Green), R. Wells; most Improved (W. G. Smith), K. Nolan; best utility (K. O’Brien), N. Bryce. The N. J. Mannlx Trophy Shield, for the best team in the Club, was won by the Reserve Grade. captained by Vern Ansell. This team improved to finish In third place in the competition.

The N. J. Mannlx Trophy for the best in attendance at training during 1957 season was by R. Butler, who missed only one night. D. McLeod’s Trophy for the most outstanding clubman for 1957 was won by R. West, who did a grand job in looking after the club’s finances.

Club Trophy — A trophy was presented to W. Desmond for the grand work he did in looking after the players on and off the field. Very nice wall pictures were presented to members of the Ladies’ Committee by President Ald. Leo Sullivan. Before concluding, I should like to pay tribute to our President, Mr. L. Sullivan, who continues to render sterling support. Finally. I desire to thank all those who have helped us in any way and I am thankful also for the co-operation I have received from all members and others, who made it possible to present the tenth annual report for your approval and if any item of service has been overlooked, it is regretted.
K. C. WILCOXON. Hon. Sec.

In the foregoing pages, our Secretary has given us further proof of his efficiency as such, and on behalf of mine and the members I congratulate him on such a splendid effort. Our Liverpool .and Southern Districts Junior Association, under the direction of the organiser, Mr. C. Gallagher and his officials, did a grand job in 1957. I feel I must pay great tribute to Mr. R. West, Treasurer, for his fine financial statement, also the Ladies’ Social Committee on their fine effort. Rosedale Park proved a great success during our second year playing on it and 1958 will find it better than ever. I wish to bring under your notice the fine work of the Junior Association and both Grades did in winning for your Club “The Championship for all Clubs.” The 1958 season for us should be good and I feel with every confidence that Liverpool will continue to improve to bigger and better things.
L. SULLIVAN, President.

During the past seasons the junior progress has been a steady climb. With the schools and the District Association there are over 700 boys playing Australian Football. The Association embraces the district from Bankstown, Villawood, Fairfield, Cabramatta, Liverpool and Campbelltown — an area of 30 square miles. An achievement for this Code was the introduction to Campbelltown, which proved a great success. We appreciate all the help received to foster our juniors. This year we had visits from Hawthorn Junior Club, Victoria and Windsor Club, Queensland, and we extend many, thanks those who looked after the visiting lads.
C. GALLAGHER, Junior Org.

It is with pleasure that I present the financial statement of the senior club for 1957 season. Progress financially and in all other aspects during the year has been most successful, and I would like to thank all club members and the committee for their co-operation during the season. The ladies of the Social Club must be congratulated on their untiring effort and also for an excellent financial statement.
R. WEST, Hon. Treasurer.”

Ref. Biz (Fairfield, NSW : 1928 – 1972), Wednesday 12 March 1958, page 31


1922 Jim Tarbolton thumbnailGreetings from the nerve centre.

We have been off the air for the past five days or so.  You probably didn’t notice because you were still getting and opening the website however we have had some preliminary work done shaping up to the refurbishment of the site which is coming up in the next few weeks or so.

While this work was being undertaken we could not post any stories or update the material but now we are back into it and we have some great stuff in store for you over the coming days.

On another issue we are currently compiling our annual journal as well as a newsletter both of which will be posted out to members.  Have you joined yet?

We have spoken to our treasurer, Gus, who is arranging more questions for his quiz of the week and these will be posted very soon.

If you or any of your friends or relatives have material which might interest the Society we urge you to send it to us.

Attached to this story is a photograph of Jim Tarbolton, a WWI digger, and former Gardeners Road (Sydney) pupil who went on to play with the Railway Club in the 1920s, represented NSW, then Fitzroy, and the VFL in 1923.

Images such as this are rare and we are indebted to Shirley Tarburton, one of his relatives, who sent this in.

Society Appeals For Funds

Website upgrade smallFollowing a recent analysis, the Committee has decided to upgrade the website.

The study was not so much negative but encouraged the re-arrangement of the site to make it more user friendly and easier to navigate.  The committee agrees that the site is a bit clunky and is due for an overhaul.

So quotes have been sought to present a new face for the site, unfortunately all are outside the Society’s ability to fund.  Nevertheless, they realise that the quotes, all of which were similar, would be reasonable for the job and realistic.

In order to meet the requirements the Society is reaching out to members and readers of the site who might like to contribute towards this upgrade.  They need around $4,500 which they will combine with their own funds to meet the costs.

Anyone who might like to assist can do so by:

Forwarding a cheque to the Society at the postal address of P O Box 98 Croydon Park NSW 2133


Click here for bank deposit or internet banking transfer.




Society Moves On 1978 Game Movies

Six DVDs thumbnailFollowing the issue of our latest newsletter, the Society has had to take the next move with film of the 1978 16mm film of Sydney Games.

We advertised the availability of the 1978 film of at least twelve games recorded on 16mm film for television almost 40 years ago.

“We were fortunate to get hold of these canisters of film a few months ago and decided to get them digitised” Society president said this week.

“We were then able to put them on our sales list, 1) to make a few dollars for our group, and 2) to provide for the families of the players of that period to see themselves or men close to them participating in our game all those years ago.”1978 ES v Wests thumbnail

“Trouble was we weren’t set up for it all.  We had the digitised copies but that was it.  We needed to do labels for the discs, purchase plastic containers and get other stuff done.”

“But we have done it and are churning out the discs as the orders come it” Granland told us.

If you have a look at the images, you will see that they come up pretty well.  And if you have a family member who might have played in Sydney in 1978 or just like footy, you can place your order for a disc or two.  There is even one of Footystats, Kevin Taylor, interviewing the 1977 Brownlow Medalist, Graham Teasdale, at Erskineville Oval before a Newtown v Wests game, late in the season.

Place your order here.

Another Fundraiser at Bunnings

Pic 1 thumbnailThe Society held a fund raising bar-b-que at Bunnings, Ashfield on Sunday.

This was the third occasion that the group have held this event at the store in the past four years.

Coming in on the tail of a very wet week, plus the fact that it was an autunm, Sunday failed to live up to the former events although officials were satisfied with the $2113.00 they took on the sale of sausage sandwiches and soft drinks.

This money will go towards the Society funds which enable additional projects and the purchase of more material relating to football in NSW.