Society Adds New Version of Football Record Selection

Over the past few years, the NSW Australian Football History Society has been adding football records or what they really are: match day programmes, to their website. 

There are now over 4,000 of these publications accessible through this site and the number is building.

Soon, more Ovens & Murray FL ‘Critic’ (match day programmes) will be included with over 700 ready to be scanned and uploaded.

Most recently the Society added ‘club’ match day programmes from the former Coreen and District Football League clubs.

The Coreen FL normally only published their match day programmes in the final series whilst the respective member clubs issued a ‘home team match programme’ which was supplied to attendees at home games.  These detailed much of the day’s activities together with their club news, which included football as well as netball and at times were very inventive.

We have been provided with a number of these ranging from 1953 (finals) and the club issued programmes from about 1990.  These are now viewable in a new format, devised by Society treasurer, John Addison and this model is new and very reader friendly. You can view this new process below and although not all of the Society’s Football Records are accessed in this manner, the remainder on the list (particularly for the Sydney competition) will be upgraded shortly.


And we use this article as a call-out to people throughout Australia for more of these NSW match day programmes, no matter what league, so they can be processed and added to our online repository.  If you have any, contact us here.


You will be pleased to see that this site is back on line after nearly 10 weeks of problems.

It all started when the site’s Security Certificate expired and was not renewed.  If you look at the URL on the top line you will see https:// etc.  The ‘S’ (for security) is what was missing.

Initially we had no idea of what happened but gradually pieced together the issue.  We were told by a firm in London that because we had no permanent address and no phone number (the land line was only used for the internet at our Croydon Park Offices and it was found cheaper and faster to use a SIM card) we needed a letter from a solicitor or accountant to verify our existence and authenticity.  We did all this but nothing happened.

We had changed internet hosts late last year and the mix up was involved with that although the present host said we would have been notified of the expiry and the need to renew.  We couldn’t find the communication.

Anyhow today we contacted our present hosting company who, upon payment of $198.00, immediately issued a security certificate for two years.

Our programmer, Ryan Viotiskis, has been working all day to fix the broken links in the site, of which many people have complained over the past few weeks.  The only thing now is that the site doesn’t work too well in the web browser, Firefox which Ryan is currently working on.

You can always use a different browser if you are having getting about the site.

If you find a broken link or a link that does not bring up what you want, please let us know and we will fix it.

We still have a lot of catching up to do with new data on the site and will be loaded over the next few days.

We hope everyone of our regular readers are happy with this news, because I know we are.

A newsletter went out to members late last week and in it we announced the Society’s Annual Christmas Party at Magpie Sports, Croydon Park on Tuesday, 11 December commencing at 12 noon.  If you are in the vicinity, drop it and see us and join the frivolity.

Its good to be back.

– More Options on Rep Team/Player Search

The Society has developed more options in the Rep Team Player and Team search.

These are now available from the Navigation Bar on the website as shown in the attached image.

These are mostly contained to NSW representative games.

You can now print all or one rep game and its details.  You can now print all players from one club or a list of games played against a particular opponent,  ie NSW v QLD.  

The print feature provides a number of additional options which are continuing to be developed.  Any feedback you can provide regarding this new initiative please let us know.

Officials are slowly updating the NSW interstate representative games and are currently up to 1941 however more recently resolved to post more recent games starting from 2017.  Harvesting this information though is causing a bigger issue than before and the thinking is now to revert to a period earlier than the current year, unless of course details of interstate clashes can be provided for publication.  Can you help?

– Society Unveils New Player & Game Resource

The Society has unveiled a new resource focusing mainly on representative fixtures and players – click image to access.

It has now and for some time published NSW representative game details from 1881 onwards, currently finishing at 1941.  Research is continuing on retrieving details from the latter date to the present.

At the same time tweaking this new feature will be undertaken to present it at its best.  It provides a fantastic background on NSW representative games that were played and those that participated and officiated in them.

Already an immense amount of research has gone into recovering the data which forms the basis of these records mostly because very little account of these many games was never kept.

Society officials have gone further in some circumstances by obtaining some personal information on participants however this will only be displayed where the person is deceased.  At this stage all who have been recorded fall within the category.

The former database will be retained on the search feature until the new one is fully operating.

– 1975 Inside Football – NSW Article

The NSW article in the 1975 copies of Inside Football have been scanned and have been added to this site.  They may be viewed here.

This brings the number of issues to 14 posted on this site that highlights the NSW article.  Only 1974 is yet to be posted and we hope to have that online in the near future.

All of these articles make interesting reading with football in Sydney and around the state being nationally reported 30 and 40 years ago.

In the latest to be added gives a wonderful report on the NSW v Tasmania game played in Hobart in 1975 where NSW was unequivocally smashed.

New Work on Website Development

Society Treasurer, John Addison with programmer Ryan Voitiskis analysing the issues with the website

The Society has taken a further step to upgrade its website.

It recently engage computer programmer, Ryan Voitiskis to investigate and reframe certain aspects of the site.

These changes will enable better ease of joining the Society and enable the inclusion of as many people as possible who were involved in the game in New South Wales throughout the years, to be included on our growing database.

The Society already has quite a number of lists of people ranging from players, umpires, club and league officials as well as a recently compiled register of all players from NSW who played in the VFL/AFL.

This entire database will eventually provided for literally thousands of names, their details and involvement in the code which should become a very interesting and important repository for the history of the game.

For too long those who walked before us have been forgotten.  Some had a huge impact on their respective facet of Australian Football and yet it only takes a year or two for their involvement to be forgotten.

We hope to have this up and running early in the new year.

New Gallery

As we slowly progress more changes to our website, we are pleased to announce a completely new face and growing content to our gallery, see it here.

We have been able to better identify and separate the various pictorial features we present on the site.

These include:

  •  NSW State Teams
  • NSW Junior State Teams
  • School & Junior Teams
  • Club Images
  • People
  • Women in Football
  • Grounds
  • Other

These pages have been developed over a period of significant thought and deliberation.

Now don’t jump up and down if the section you look at has has a narrow range of images.  This is a big task and with limited voluntary staff it will take some time to scan, categorize and load all the images in the Society’s collection.  But, we are getting there.  If you have any images that you think may be of value to us, please scan and send them to us.

So we encourage you to check the page every now and then to see the new images that have been included.

More Changes

Paul Macpherson angle smallOver the past few days the Society’s Senior Vice President, Paul Macpherson, has begun introducing new changes to the front page of the Society’s Website.

In doing so he is soliciting suggestions, ideas and comments, firstly on these new changes and secondly on material that you might want to see or get access to through or on the website.

His changes follows a number of weeks of different phases of change to the website but in the latest it gives the reader directions or links to data that the Society has in its collection.  Much of this has been scanned and made available digitally while a vast amount is yet to be digitised and that is where the work is.

It is the aim of the Society to include items of historical football significance from right around the state but currently the effort is being centred mainly on Sydney because that is where most of the objects and items are have been housed and are more readily accessible.

If you have some ideas or comments, you can contact us here setting our your suggestions.

More Goes On the Site

Building a Database thumbnailWe are gradually adding and amending to our new site as we move through the various phases and variations of the fresh and revised pages.

More will be added in the next few days and some of the former features of the site will be returned.

One assignment the committee is considering very closely is the accumulation of names of people who have been involved in football in NSW over the years, providing for such categories as name, birthdate, image, involvement incl. years, club/league/umpire, nickname, profile etc.

What prompted the establishment of this proposed database is the number of different lists the Society has developed, for one reason or another.  Most of these are players who participated in football.  Then, as someone suggested, why stop at players, why not include everyone whose name passes across the table because, in many cases, these people will pop up again and again in different disciplines within the sport.  The only issue with all this the size of the job, given that it will probably be never-ending.

Vice president, Paul Macpherson has taken on the task of developing the database along with the help of treasurer, John Addison.  They both maintain that going back through past lists and adding those who materialise will probably be the way to go.

Paul will also submit an application for a Significant Assessments grant on the Society’s behalf to the National Library of Australia.  A Significant Assessment helps explain the meaning and value of a collection and provides further information for its management and interpretation.

In addition to this is the job of better identification of the almost 5,500 images already on the website.  You cannot search for an image on the Society’s website unless it has been tagged and this is one further job that members of the committee will be undertaking.  At the same time they will add the ‘accession number’ of the image which will serve to identify the location of any hard copy in the Society’s rooms.

Step by Step

Our Website designer, Mike Gerlyand is taking this part of migrating the old site to the new very steadily.

“I don’t want to make any mistakes in this process” he said.  “We are almost there but something are proving a bit more challenging than I first thought.”

“On the other hand some of the stuff went over a lot easier than I anticipated.  We have to fix a few of the images up but we are well on the way to making this a great site for the Football History Society.

Minor changes will take place tomorrow while more major alterations will be installed on the weekend including the links on the navigation bar.  Some work and some don’t but this will be fixed shortly.

In the meantime work will shortly commence on extending the land line at Wests Club to the Society rooms tomorrow with a new ISP contracted today.  Unfortunately they said it will take between 10-20 days before the new ISP system will take effect.  This will not mean any significant difference to the way people view the sight in the short term.