Big Day at Bunnings

2015 Bar-B-Que group Wollongong thumbnailThe Society held a fund raiser bar-b-que at Bunnings Wollongong today raising funds for the organisation.

The comment was,  ‘it was a big day.’

The venue at Wollongong was organised because several of the committee live in the Illawarra.  While they held a similar day there 18 months ago, because of the popularity of the spot, they had to wait a considerable period before they were allocated another date.  Bunnings Wollongong has the greatest turnover of all Bunnings Stores in Australia.2015 Gus McKernan counting at Bunnings Wollongong thumbnail

Treasurer, Gus McKernan triumphantly announced that the gross take for the day was in excess of $2200.00.  This is far in excess of what was taken at the last bar-b-que held at the store.  A delightful newcomer to the team of workers was Gus’ wife, Shirley who did a lions share of the work.

Local football identity, Mark Siely, former coach at St George, Balmain and North Shore Club, and also a member of the Society, helped out by taking on the cooking role for a period on the day.  He received several positive comments for his effort.

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