Keith Claxton 2 smallWe have already been asked “Where are all the games?”

This query has been in response to our recent post where we said that the Rep Team Database would be up and running by last Friday.  Well, it is.  The issue with it all is that the information: the data, names, clubs, goals, opposition, venues and all that stuff is yet to be added.

“Its a pretty big project” Society president Ian Granland said on the weekend.

“At this point we have over 180 senior games, but the players and all the particulars are yet to be added.  We have a lot of the data, but not all, and in view of this some of our more diligent members have offered their services to help.”

Putting it simply, we do not have this information at the moment.  Details on these games were just not kept and it may be, what we want has well and truly been chucked.  Fortunately, we can source most of it through newspaper reports of the day and this is where TROVE, an online programme managed by the National Library of Australia, is our most valuable asset.

One member, Keith Claxton from Mollymook (pictured), NSW, has volunteered to toil through early newspaper reports, document what is required and send this information to the Society so it can be posted in the respective game and match repositories.

“That’s a great contribution by Keith.  He is really a solid member and the fact that he can do this remotely once we ran him through what is required, is a commendable effort.”

The Society expects to identify many more than the 180 games already recorded and these will mix with those matches NSW  competed in.  Some interesting opponents include: Combined Darling Downs, ‘The Maoris’, Tasmania Amateurs, RAAF, AIF, Subiaco and Port Melbourne, just to mention a few.

NSW has played almost every AFL/VFL side, apart from the most recent inclusions in the league.  Some of these games they won and in others, they were just defeated.

“Our readers and supporters shouldn’t panic or become too complacent, because its coming.  The main thing is that the programme to cater for these games has been loaded on our site.

In addition to all this the front page of the programme now includes a revolving series of photos of Sydney footy from years gone by.  Anyone who has more recent pics of good resolution should forward them, including their details, to the Society so they can eventually be included.

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