Annual Meeting on Tuesday

The Society will hold its Annual General Meeting this coming Tuesday, 15 March at 1:00pm in the Magpie Sports Club, Croydon Park.

All members have been circulated with details of the gathering along with nomination and proxy forms.  They have also received a copy of the Society’s annual report which will be up for adoption.

There are nine positions open for election with most of the committee seeking re-election.  Current treasurer, Gus McKernan though is one who will not although he has indicated he is happy to remain on the committee itself.

Developments which have taken high priority recently include the release of the Society’s upgraded website which will hopefully make navigation around the site much easier for patrons.  Although we have previously published a proposed release date for the revised site, it would be now fair to say that following the resolution of some minor obstacles it should go live by March 31.

One of the projects associated with this is the tagging of all images which are currently posted on the Society’s website.  This is a huge task which will entail editing each and all images or photograph to provide them with meta data so that each can be separately searched on the world wide net.  Society officials will begin this over the next few weeks.

Arrangements have also been made for a data link to be installed in the Society’s rooms at Magpie Sports which should enable better internet communication plus the added bonus of an answer phone to pick up any telephone inquiries.

Despite the proposed changes, more is currently being posted on the website including the NSW articles in the Inside Football Publication from the 1970s-80s.  Click here to view.

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