An Interesting Find

Arthur BridgewaterThe Society has so much material to go through sometime just the look of what is there gets quite daunting.

Going through some of the paperwork we came across the 1957 Annual Report of the NSW Australian National Football Union.

This was seen as the over riding body for junior football in NSW, or so it saw itself as such although it was manned by Sydney people and only had Sydney junior football bodies affiliated.  The term ‘NSW’ was a misnomer.

It is quite an elaborate report and provides details of all the junior teams from 1953-57.

Written by the secretary Arthur Bridgewater (pictured), the report at times should be viewed with a certain degree of scepticism because Arthur, whilst a hard worker with “the code at heart” tended to embellish the facts in these reports.  However, having said that, this account of the year provides a pretty good overview of junior football in Sydney at the time.  Shaky but growing.

It praises the St George Junior Association as well as the Southern Districts Association.  It even gives Newcastle and Wollongong areas a tick.

Of course the St George Association has been the benchmark in junior Australian Football in Sydney for many, many years and it is to the credit of those people who have assumed roles in its various clubs, of which six remain, that they continue with such energy and commitment.

You can read the report by clicking here.

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