A New Photo Feature

1953 NSW Team v QLD in Brisbane
1953 NSW Team v QLD in Brisbane

Following a recent upgrade to the Society’s website officials have introduced a new format to display images.

One of the first areas to be changed if the NSW State Representative Teams Gallery; these range from 1886 to the present day and are viewable through this site’s gallery or by clicking here.

Almost 80 have now been uploaded to that gallery, most of these display the team name and venue with quite a number including the players’ names.

Interesting, another programme will soon allow the indexing of these players’ names so that you can view a particular image by searching using the player’s name.

One problem though organisers have found is the lack of state photos from the late 1950s to the early 1990s, in particular.

If you have access to a NSW State Team photo which is not listed on our site please contact us so we can arrange the scanning and uploading of the image.

These photos are out there and the History Society is keen to fill the gaps.

Another coming feature is the listing of as many inter-league and association teams from throughout NSW as possible, no matter where they are from.  We must retain all the history of the game in the state.

Again, if you have access to any of these, contact us so we car arrange their transmission to the Society’s website.

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